vongoleaziendaProcessed bivalve molluscs, represented by clams Venus gallina, are available all year (except for biological recovery period relating to several fishing areas), get washed with clean water, screened according to their size, so as to be subsequently assessed in their weigh and packaged in a net bag equipped with the corresponding label.

The production chain, from archievement of the stock to shipping, is implemented so as to avoid any contamination of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products.

The staff with Quality Manager performs an accurate check on organoleptic conditions, labels and weight.

New Copromo ensures suitability for the human consumption of the molluscs and the respect of the estabilished microbiological parameters.

Molluscs purification:

Molluscs purification takes place in a closed circuit system constituted by polyethylene tanks of high isothermal capacity and a perfect circulation flow, which allows a constant water oxygenation; tanks are equipped with a grille on the bottom for the separation of products from sand and mud.




The aim of New Copromo is to ensure the sanitation of the products, through sampling plans, a control of microbiological / chemical parameters on the molluscs, and by operating in compliance with applicable regulations and our customers' requests. 

We always use the best raw materials, processed by an expert staff and use tools and equipment that ensure highest quality.

Quality is guaranteed in our company also by sending our operators to costant training, by seeking further technological innovations to be applied to the production process and to the capacity organizational systems of the company itself, with a view to prompting growing improvements in Quality Management and Food Security.

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New Copromo pays special attention to satisfaction of food safety criteria and of the hygienic conditions of the whole process estabilished by the of current legislation. Food Security is a prerequisite for shellfish marketing; analysis are made on microbiological parameters identified by Reg. CE 2073/2005 and chemical parameters identified by Reg. CE 1881/06.

New Copromo also pays special attention to meeting the Reg. CE 178/02 requirements, regarding food traceability and adopted effective tools for production batches management.